Friday, December 2, 2011

December preview

Hello readers!
A little preview for what is to come in December, this being the final month of the year and all.

First and foremost, not a lot of activity should be expected over the next week or so. The reason is simple and a little embarrassing. A few months ago someone lent me Rome, the complete series, on Blu-ray and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. I have already seen the first few episodes and liked what I saw, but it’s high time I actually get through the rest of the show! The next few days will therefore be reserved exclusively for Rome, so no movie reviews.

With one exception. In order to make sure the blog does not appear as totally dead, this weekend shall see the appearance of the final review in the Definitive Bond Marathon, Quantum of Solace. It is already posted over at the Filmspotting message boards (insert obligatory: have you been there yet?), so the heavy lifting is done. But, as per usual, I shall publish it here as well for those who prefer the cozy confines of Between the Seats.

By the 7th or 8th of December, readers can expect, in rapid succession, reviews for the final three films left to be discussed in the Shaw Brothers Marathon: Five Deadly Venoms, Crippled Avengers and 36th Chamber of the Shaolin. The purpose is to ensure that no marathons which began in 2011 are carried over into 2012. A simple matter of keeping things tidy and organized, if you catch my drift. The two-part Film Noir Marathon (already finished just a few days ago on November 30th), Definitive Bond and Shaw Brothers will have all concluded by mid-December.

After which we enter the end of the year rush. There are big, big movies coming out over the course of the final two weeks of the month, such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tintin, War Horse, A Dangerous Method (in my neck of the woods anyways) to name only a few. Of course Between the Seats will be part of the action with reviews for a few of them. Then there are the lists, those obligatory but still rather fun lists to compile: favourites of 2011, least favourites of 2011, and so on and so forth. There may even be a very special Bloggin’ Around post before the year is done... Ooh, exciting!

There you have it, a plan for the entire month. Given that work (the type I actually get paid for, not this) is demanding some pretty intense hours , I pretty much don’t have a choice but to follow this sort of schedule for the month! As always, your visits and comments are much appreciated, they really are, even if sometimes I only respond to them a few days later.

Take care fellow bloggers!

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