Monday, December 26, 2011

Bloggin' Around: End of the year

Hello readers,

2011 will soon be over and, as a blogger, I have not really done my duty this year. The real purpose behind everyone writing and publishing material on their respective blogs, apart from satisfying our inner craving for everyone's attention because clearly each of our individual opinions is the opinion the internet should be reading (clearly), is to share thoughts on the art of film. You visit my blog, I visit your blog, you comment on my blog, I comment on yours, and so on and so forth. I didn't understand this movie, did you? Oh, I should read that post you wrote in the hopes that I will gain a better understanding of said movie. Well written, blogger X, well written. Roger who? I like your blog more.

I really didn't visit all of your blogs often enough. In fact, there are probably some of you reading this who think 'Hey, why the hell should I care about Edgar?!? That dude don't stop by my place no more!'. Well, I did, but I probably didn't comment and the visits were all too infrequent. The final stretch of 2011 (October until just recently) was not a joyous time of year and I was, admittedly, just publishing a bunch of stuff to get my mind on other things. The result is that I have very little knowledge of what's been going on on so many other blogs since the end of the summer, if I'm being honest. Allow me a year to change that nasty habit of mine. Say, 2012, alright? Shake of hands....good!

Here are some of the stronger active blogs on the internet which discuss film. If you have some time off, visit them. You might like what you find. Guys and gals, this post is for you.

-James Blake Ewing's Cinema Sights. I know of very few movie afficionados who have such eclectic taste. James can watch just about anything and find strong, sensible arguments as to why the film is good or bad. This is a guy who can write a poor review for a Herzog film (something few people dare) and make you go 'Yeah, I didn't think of that...' His writing abilities are of the highest order too, which is always a plus when getting your ideas across. Aces.

-Tony Dayoub who write at Cinema Viewfinder. This chap is highly respected in the field of film criticism, as he share his time as a blogger, a screenwriter, and a contributor for the online magazine Wide Screen. The guy pretty much knows what he's talking about when he writes. Do yourselves a favour and check him out

-Ryan Helms at Life in Equinox is one of the most prolific online writers today. It is one thing who publish material on a daily, it is another thing entirely to make sure everything is witty, informative, funny, and articulate. More impressive still is the variety of articles he concocts. Seriously, this guy should find a way to get paid for what he does!

-Cinema du Meep. What a fantastic little sight. The subject is a restricted to films of the 80s, but therein lies the websites utility: discovering long forgotten and even totally unknown gems from that memorable decade. A must for anyone looking for some views on 80s classics...and the not-so-classics.

-Corndog Chats Cinema. Adam Khun (no relation to the Packers back. Unless...). This guy hasn't achieved the same status as some of the people I've mentioned so far, but he's getting there, trust me. The style is honest, the writing easy to follow and the overall atmosphere very welcoming. He also participated in the massive Definitive Bond Marathon that took place at Filmspotting (as did James at Cinema Sights), so check out the marathon section of his blog. He has some very interesting views on the greatest film franchise of all time, objectively speaking.

-Bill's Movie Emporium. Bill, Bill, there anyone doing what you do right now? It's always from the gut, always. There's no bulshitting around when you publish something. Maybe that's what makes our buddy marathons work so well. Me, Mr pompous and you, Mr Keepin' it real. So real in fact that you admit to your wife knowing best. Bless your little heart. I almost want to not like Christopher Nolan like you!!!*

*A crap phrase added for dramatic effect. I freaking love Nolan.

-Alex at Film Forager. First and foremost, you should know that in addition to getting solidly written reviews, you'll also have the opportunity to view some wonderful movie inspired art work in a continuous column titled Movie Sketch Project. She is is really good at this stuff. A clever way to fuse two passions (writing about film and creating film themed artwork) into one single place. She is also a co-host of the Some Cast it Hot podcast. Check out the banner on the right side of her page where she lists the LAMMYs she has won under 'Yeah, whatever.' Gold.

-Ah, CS from Big Thoughts From a Small Mind. I really hate myself for not visiting this site as much as I used to. This is probably one of the more consistent blogs out there in terms of content and quality. The analysis is always astute and the replies to comments come quickly and with a lot of class. Yeah, a Torontonian demonstrating class. It's a little weird, but facts are facts.

-Film Intel. This sight is a little bit like Life in Equinox in that it offers tremendous variety in its content, although it earns some added points in frequently reviewing movies lesser seen by most people. It's a good place to visit to see what is new that maybe didn't get some play at your local multiplex.

-Corey Atad's Just Atad blog. This is a different bread of film blogging. Rather than offer up a healthy of movie reviews, which is what the vast majority of us do already, he prefers to offer insights into the marketing, making and critical reception of films. Opinionated but always fully capable of backing his arguments up, Corey most resembles what one might call a columnist, or journalist. It is not just if the movie is good, but what is the impact of the movie, what is the context of the movie, where did it comes from and what is its place in today cinema landscape? Good stuff.

-Ryan McNeil at The Matinee. Nothing more need be said. Everybody who blogs knows this guy and there are very, very good reasons for that. Winner of best blog and best podcast at the 2011 LAMMYs. Hello!

Other noteworthy mentions: Toronto J-Film Pow-Pow (Japanese film from a T-dot point of view), The Lady's Eve Reel Life (all vintage, all the time), Surrender to the Void (loves films and Nine Inch Nails. Don't mess with'em!), Suspend Your Disbelief (you'll have to because you won't believe how good this blog is! Ha!)

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Edgar. This reminds me, I need your email so I can get in touch in a few weeks time to discuss our possible next joint marathon. Hit me up later fool :)

edgarchaput said...

@Oh no, never Linkin Park. I wouldn't dare offend those with decent taste.

@Bill: Yes, it's about time we get starting on the next marathon. My email is

I have a couple ideas for movies based on unknown comics (that was the idea last we spoke, right?). We'll communicate in the days to come.

edgarchaput said...

@Oh no, never Linkin Park. I wouldn't dare offend those with decent taste.

@Bill: Yes, it's about time we get starting on the next marathon. My email is

I have a couple ideas for movies based on unknown comics (that was the idea last we spoke, right?). We'll communicate in the days to come.

Alex said...

Oh wow Edgar, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm honored! There are a few blogs here I'm not too familiar with so I look forward to checking them out based on your recommendation.

And I know what you mean about falling off in reading/commenting, I've been more lax this year myself. I barely have time to maintain my own blog, it's tough to keep up with all the great sites out there, and I tend to read but comment less lately. But it's ok, we've all got our own thing going on, I wouldn't feel too bad about it!

Anonymous said...

You are far too kind, Edgar. Thanks so much. It really means a lot to me.

Only lately have I begun to branch out and read other blogs regularly. I really should comment more. The community is so great, and I love that now I actually know some of these people in real life! (Hi Alex, Courtney and Ryan!)

edgarchaput said...

@Alex: The sheer number of sites can be overwhelming. At one point one has to make a selection og blogs one will visit and that's it, otherwise it's never ending. Unfortunately that means some will go unnoticed.

@Corey: From what I gather, the Toronto film blog community is quite large, to the point where you guys even have weekly meetups. That's impressive. I'd have to do a bit of research to see who the Montréal bloggers are, other than the obvious one, Sound on Sight (who are beyond blogging at this point, really).

Courtney Small said...

Torontonians are a classy but misunderstood bunch…or at least that is what we like to believe LOL. Thanks for the link love and the kind words! I truly appreciated it. I also hear you on it being tough to keep up with all the blogging that others are doing. While I try to read as many as possible on a regular basis, I find that I do not comment enough on people’s post. It is something that I will be striving to do more of in 2012.

edgarchaput said...

@CS: Me too. Commenting is such a small gesture, yet it means so much. The pageview count is always a nice stat, especially when the number is high, but a comment really hots the mark. That's when you know people are really paying attention to what you're writing. I'll be reading your blog a lot more closely in 2012 than I did in 2011.