Friday, August 26, 2011

Blogging Around

Hello readers,

It's that time of year again! Yup, the weekend I loath the most in the entire year: the final one of August. Can summer not stick around just a little longer? I guess not...

It isn't all bad, mind you. The autumn movie season is fast approaching and will truly be in full swing in just a couple weeks (I say a couple because that lineup for next weekend, Sept 2nd,  looks horrendous) and there are some brilliant festivals occurring over the next few months to keep things pretty hot, and there ain't much hotter than Between the Seats right now!

But today is not about us. Nay, it occurred to us yesterday the previous Blogging Around column dates back quite a while, so it's high time were some paid some dues and respect to fellow film bloggers for their hard work. None of us get paid, but we love it anyways, and, more importantly,  Between the Seats loves you:

-Well, well, well. Look who got a massive upgrade. Pimp my ride? No way, José! More like Pimp My Movie Blog. The Dark of the Matinee is no more...and from the ashes rises The Matinee! In fact, it isn't even a blog anymore, but rather a .ca. True north, strong and free, right Mad Hatter? Actually, even that pen name has gone by the wayside. It's Ryan McNeil now. Even the look has changed drastically. You want to know what hasn't changed? The quality, my dear boy, the quality. Top notch, just like before, only this time it looks about twice as professional as it did before and three times as professional as most of us other bloggers. Please pay a visit. He's blogger and podcaster of the year according to the LAMB, thus, according to me as well.

-Corey Atad is also back in action. Has been for a short while now, but today is the day we actually put in a little plug for his new blog: Just Atad  Former editor in chief of The Reelists, Corey's style is amiable, honest and frequently astute.

-Speaking of astute, head over to Big Thoughts from a Small Mind for a review of X-Men: First Class to better understand where the film works and where it might have committed a fumbles.

-Things That Don't Suck has a nice article on the qualities of a favourite film of mine, Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. The review is of particular interest for it attempts to contextualize the film within the director's eclectic, ever evolving oeuvre. I like that word.

-The Magic Lantern Film Blog makes the case for the upcoming Alexander Payne film starring the inimitable George Clooney, The Descendants.

-You can tally up another positive review for Attack the Block. This time it's Sasha James from the The Final Girl Project.

Go forth and visit.


Ryan McNeil said...

You are far too kind good sir. One of these days you must take the westerly drive so we can get a drink, and I can introduce you to some other (and more talented) like-minded movie geeks.

edgarchaput said...

@There are plans (only plans as of yet) to be in Toronto in October for the genre fest you guys have then, the After Dark. Hopefully that will happen.

Until, keep up the fine work.

Courtney Small said...

Thanks for the link love, Edgar! Truly appreciated it.

Hope you can make it up for the Toronto After Dark Festival. I had a blast last year and plan on taking it in again this year.