Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poll results and other news

Hello readers,

Well, not many people voiced an opinion in the poll question that went up a couple of weeks ago, but for those who showed interest, I shall respect their opinion and desire.

In the debate about whether Between the Seats should spend the summer with another Homemade Summer Movie Marathon (2011 edition) or take a shot at films from the Shaw Brothers archives, there was a clear cut winner. Get you anti-venom gear ready, be mindful of the crippled and practice your praying matins style, because the Shaw Brothers are going to invade Between the Seats!

Also, apologies to anyone who was perhaps wondering why not much has been posted since lat Friday other than a playful response to Bill's Quick and the Dead review. It has simply been 'one of those weeks.' However, I am preparing a review for 1987's Robocop and there will be more Shootout at High Noon action this Sunday. It should be business as usual within a couple of days


thevoid99 said...

Shaw Brothers Marathon... HOORAY!!!

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