Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New feature: Festival coverage!

Hello readers!

It's no secret that several bloggers out there offer extensive film festival coverage for their readers. There are, after all, hundreds upon hundreds of film festivals the world, some of which go almost unnoticed by people who consider themselves serious film fans. The truth is that it is impossible to be on top of all film festivals, hence the wonderful and important work from bloggers. Seriously, nice work guys.

Some of you have provided some wonderful articles over the years, work that has finally inspired me to follow suite and do my part for the film blogging world. No, do not adjust your eyes or your screen resolution, readers: Between the Seats is going to the movie festivals! In order to make sure we can actually pull this off, properly, we should start with some easily manageable events. In other words, some local festivals. Between the Seats being based in Montréal, Québec, Canada, that is the most logical place to start. Thankfully, Montréal is host to more than a few film festivals, some of them quite interesting. The big announcement right now is that Between the Seats will pay at least a few visits to two upcoming events, the two biggest that occur in the city in fact:

-Fantasia 2011, taking place from July 14th to August 7th. Fantasia is definitely the most 'fun' festival that happens in Montréal. A lot of sci-fi, horror and Aisan action films get a chance to shine here, some of which use the presentations as their North American premiers. In other instances, the movies do not even play theatrically in North America other than at this festival, although you can usually find them on DVD and Blu-ray at some point down the road.

-Le festival des Film du Monde de Montréal/Montreal World Film Festival. August 18th to August 28th. Sometimes referred to as the poor man's TIFF (kind of true, but whatever), the Montreal World Film Festival offers, as one might imagine, a wide variety of independent foreign films for people searching for stuff other what the multiplexes have to offer. It takes place at an interesting time of year as well, just when the big blockbuster season is cooling off and right before the more high brow material slowly pours into theaters. I have in fact been to this festival before and it's pretty good. There is typically some unique, intriguing films to discover at this event. I hope you guys enjoy it!

And, without revealing too much (mostly because at this specific time I cannot guarantee that I can attend), there may be another very special announcement later this summer, mostly likely late June, early July-ish if I can make it happen. Again, no promises because who knows what will happen until then, but Between the Seats is also trying to work on something really, truly neat...

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