Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog update: Milestone (!) and other trivialities

Hello readers,

How is it going? Well, I presume, I think, I hope.

There is joyous news to announce! over the past weekend Between the Seats reached something of a milestone, if a milestone it may be deemed (this is movie blogging we're talking about, not saving lives). 200, 000 page views all time, ladies and gentlemen! The blog has existed for only 3 and a half years and, if we are being honest, nobody save a select few knew of its existence for a good year, so that's just under 200,000 page views in 2 and a half years. Time for a chest pump. If anybody gets in our way, we'll take'em outRon Artest style. You may now applaud.

We can't hear any app-


Thank you, thank you. How kind of you all. We didn't know how much you loved us!

Is absolutely everything rosy? Well, no. Some promises go unfulfilled, such as that funny one we made a while back that tons of articles would appear in the month of April. Heh, that was rather idealistic on our part. The truth of the matter is, with work, social life and Sound on Sight now a full part of our movie reviewing lives, it would appear the days when about 15, 16 or even 17 articles were published inside a single month are coming to an end. That number is probably going to max out at 10. An average of about 1 articles every 3 days. Not that bad, no? 


Now, what is about to be said is no joke, although it may come off a little strange considering that Between the Seats has had as its driving force the same brain for the past 3 and a half years. However, assuming that obligations elsewhere really do prevent us from providing the same number of articles as was the case over the past couple of years, would it be interesting to allow other writers, perhaps some with no blogs to call their own (or otherwise, we do not discriminate here), to publish material at Between the Seats to fill some of those gaps? We shall tell no lie, it is an idea which has gestated in our minds on and off for a few weeks already. This isn't some clever device we came up with this morning just for kicks. In the spirit of the democratic process, we throw the question to you, the faithful readers. You'll notice a poll question in the upper left corner of the site with the following question:

Is it a good idea for Between the Seats to hire other writers?

Happy voting!


Ryan McNeil said...

I think adding additional writers might not be so bad - especially if there are writers out there whose writing you think fits the tone of your own site. Go for it!

Jessica said...

I generally prefer personal blogs to be personal. Something gets lost when you hire a staff of co-writers. It becomes a website, which is not the same as a blog.

Guest posts is a different matter. You could have those once in a while. But once there are too many of them, the blog loses a bit of its personality in my eyes.