Sunday, March 20, 2011

Western Marathon: Order of the films

Hello readers,

 The Burns brothers trio from The Proposition (2006, John Hillcoat)

Alas, no reviews this published this weekend, but there will be a host of things coming this week, such as another entry in our Films du Fleur de Lys column, Marc Bisaillon's La Vérité which opened in Montréal this past Friday, and more del Toro Time with Mimic and The Devil's Backbone. So, a slightly different schedule than usual since I typically have some major content posted either on Saturday and Sunday but less so in the week, whereas we'll be doing the opposite this time.

But, I won't let the weekend go by with absolutely nothing happening at Between the Seats. Below is the lineup for the upcoming western marathon we shall be galloping through on our stallions with Bill from his Movie Emporium. Remember, it begins on Sunday, April 3rd!

1-The Wild Bunch
2-The Proposition
3-The Quick and the Dead
4-The Good, the Bad, the Weird
5-Pale Rider
6-The Shootist
7-Open Range

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Jack L said...

Great! I'm looking forward to it!

Nice choices, very varied and lots of good films.

I really enjoyed The Proposition and Open Range, they are some of the best modern Westerns.

thevoid99 said...

Same here. I've seen half of these films.

edgarchaput said...

Be there or be square!