Monday, September 7, 2009

Marathon conclusion

Hey readers! I hope you enjoyed the David Cronenberg marathon. I certainly enjoyed finally taking the time (often a lot of time) in putting my thoughts and feelings about the director's work into words. After 8 films and 8 rather heavy and lengthy reviews, I feel it's time to move on.

As you may recall, French female directors (which will basically be 'European female directors who make movies in French' won the previous poll question. Theoretically, that marathon should have begun about a week ago already, so I figured I should get on that topic soon.

I know that more Cronenberg films were promised, but anymore more than I've already done and it would end up being a 2 month marathon as opposed to a single month marathon. Crash and Spider were two films I particularly wanted to write about. In a glaringly cheap move, here's a link to a review for The Brood I wrote back in May of this year in case you want more Croneberg talk and missed it. As for Crash, here's a review written by fellow film lover Bill Thompson over at his Movie Emporium. It's not my work, I know, but he gave the film a glowing review and has an intriguing take about how the film is about emotion and the various, sometimes violent, acts that produce varying degrees of emotion. I didn't get that at all when I watched the film, but it's a good read.


Andrew K. said...

It's always cool seeing film enthusiasts with different tastes. Your top 100 is nothing if not diverse... favourite Cronenberg film would have to be A History of Violence.

edgarchaput said...

A lot of people say A History of Violence is their favourite (that, or The Fly). It's an excellent film. On the surface it looks rather simple and uneventful, but the character study that goes on in that film is tremendously intelligent.