Sunday, February 13, 2011

Next marathon: The filmography Guillermo del Toro

Hello readers!

Phew, the Forgotten Film Noir marathon sort of came and went. I myself did not know it would require so little time, but I had so much fun watching the films and writing about them that instead of have the marathon sprawl out a little bit, we performed our own little blitzkrieg. What was that, like a week and a half? Thanks to those who read the reviews and hopefully Between the Seats succeeded in pointing a few people towards some great film noir classics.

And for our next trick...Guillermo del Toro. One of the most after and busy directors working inside and out of the Hollywood system, he is regarded as somewhat of an auteur, an auteur of the horror and monster movies. But that statement only scratches the surface. His films frequently have many emotional themes lying at their core. His is a filmography splattered with devils, vampires and ghosts and, to the surprise of some, a lot of heart. I have never written any serious reviews for any Del Toro films, so this will be a first for me. There are even some entries I have yet to watch for the first time.

Cronos, Devil's Backbone, Hellboy, all those and much, much more shall be examined with our typically fine toothed comb!


Anonymous said...

Um...he's not doing the Hobbit film anymore. It didn't work out and Jackson is directing it now.

In any case, I'll be interested to see what you have to say. I've seen and liked all his films so I'll be sure to pitch in with my own thoughts.

thevoid99 said...

I'm bummed that del Toro won't be directing The Hobbit either but he's definitely made a great catalog of films so far.

The only I haven't seen of his is Cronos. I've seen parts of Mimic while the rest I have seen in their entirety. They're all entertaining, fun, and very stylish films. Even his more arty films like The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth.

He's someone I definitely want to profile in my Auteurs project but I need to see all of his work and post reviews of all of those films in my blog. He's definitely in my shortlist along with Terrence Malick, David Fincher, and Gus Van Sant of those I want to profile.

edgarchaput said...

Wow, that was supremely embarrassing. Do I lose all my credentials now? I knew that less frequent visits to /Film for movie news would catch up with me. Sorry guys...

I edited the post.