Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogging Around (February 8th, 2011)

Hello readers!

There hasn't been a Blogging Around post for some time now. January was full of reviews and 'end of 2010' themed articles, so I admittedly did not spend as much time as I'd have liked to read the works of my fellow bloggers during the first month of 2011.

Life slowly returned back to normality as the month evolved, and now that we're already into the second month, I'd say it's about time we return to some old habits. Here is what has been happening around the blogosphere:

1-Just yesterday The Mad Hatter had a Q&A with his readers, who asked him a great many questions all day long about his tastes in film. Had I known, I definitely would have tossed a question or two, most likely James Bond related.

2-There are new writers at the Toronto J-Film Pow Wow, and both have some pretty respectable credentials.

3-The Flick Chick has, at long last, watched the famous Sidney Poitier film In The Heat of the Night. What did she think?

4-Suspend You Disbelief gave Predators a favourable review. We have another convert!

5-Adam Kuhn, who writes at Corndog Chats Cinema, watched and reviewed Enter the Void. Why? Because I freaking ordered him to! I really did.

Happy reading!

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Ryan McNeil said...

Just because the day is over doesn't mean I'm not still fielding questions. if you or your readers wanna grill me, go ahead!