Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog update: The Ides of March

Hello readers,

Some of you may be wondering why no new material has been published since Sunday 4 days ago. True enough, reviews typically appear with greater frequency here at Between the Seats then they have in the past couple of weeks. We shall not lie, time has been of the essence on a nearly daily basis over the course of the past 14 days or so. Work has heated up, certain obligations for Sound on Sight have required a bit more time than anticipated and what little free time remained has been spent on, well, non-movie related activities (Yes, we do those too).

It should be stressed that Between the Seats will continue to publish articles, but maybe a safe, conservative estimation would be that, for the remainder of March at least, do not expect more than a couple of articles per week. They would be limited to:

-The continuation of the Comica Obscura marathon with reviews and rebuttals on each Sunday (and remember, visit Bill’s Movie Emporium for his articles too!)

-The conclusion of the BBS Productions Presents marathon. There is only 1 film left anyhow.

-a capsule reviews article published at some point in the middle of the week.

Promising more material than that per week for March would more than likely result in unattained goals. That is not to say that additional articles have no chance of appearing, but it isn’t likely.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for visiting and thanks to all those who leave comments.

Edgar Chaput

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