Thursday, January 12, 2012

New joint marathon: Comica Obscura

Hello readers,

It seems that these days everybody wants to see a comic book movie. The success of multiple franchises inspired from graphic novels over the past decade has subsequently encouraged studios to produce and release what the public clearly wants in their heart of hearts: more comic book movies!

Let's go see an X-Men film. Let's go see not one but two X-Men prequels, Let's go see Batman films, a Spider-Man trilogy and its reboot 5 years later, let's see a Superman movie and after everybody chases the director out of town for making a 'boring' Superman movie we'll see its reboot not long after, let's see two different Punisher reboots, let's go see film for each Avenger member and then go see an Avengers picture, etc, etc, etc. It all seems so terribly facile to produce these franchises. They are a dime a dozen, one need merely dive into the near mythological cannon of superheros and take a pick. When rumour had it that a Black Widow movie might see the light of day, some deemed that was too obscure.

Heh, that isn't obscure in the slightest.

How about a Fritz the Cat movie? Who? Yeah, Between the Seats had no idea who that was either. What about the Sam Mendes film based on the Richard Piers Rayner graphic novel, Road to Perdition? Didn't know that was from a comic? Neither did we.

Confused? Rest assured, dear readers, for two of the blogoshpere's most astute and prolific writers will enlighten you about these films and many others. That's right, the time has come for another joint marathon with Bill from Bill's Movie Emporium. We are calling it 'Comica Obscura', a marathon that will review a series of films that few people know were inspired by graphic novels. In some instances, like with Fritz, you might not even have heard about the movie itself! If you have followed along with us before, you know how Bill and I roll. If not, here is a quick breakdown:

1-On one Sunday, both Between the Seats and Bill's Movie Emporium post a review for a specific film.
2-We each give ourselves one week to read said reviews and pinpoint how ludicrous the other person's arguments are.
3-On the following Sunday, rebuttal articles are posted in response to our reviews.
4-So on and so forth.

Comica Obscura begins on Sunday, January 29th. The films are:

-The Rocketeer

-Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance

-Fritz the Cat

-Battle of the Warriors

-Road to Perdition

-Lady Snowblood

We hope you join along!


Courtney Small said...

Of these films I have only seen The Rocketeer, Fritz the Cat, and Road to Perdition. I had no idea that there was Lone Wolf and Cub film out. Though the more I think about I could how easy it would be to adapt into a live action film. Looking forward to this marathon!

edgarchaput said...

@You've seen 'Fritz the Cat'? Interesting... Be sure to stop by when that review is published. I'd love to read your thoughts not that movie.

I'm also excited for this marathon. These joint marathons I do with Bill are always tons of fun, partly because I'm anxious to see where my counterpart stands on a film every second Sunday!