Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogging Around

Hello readers,

Halloween fast approaches. Soon enough, the ghouls, goblins, Bobo Baggins', Mike Myers', Jason X's and Freddy Mercurys will be knocking at our doors, yelling 'trick or treat!' in unison in anticipation of our hands shelling countless amounts of chocolates, lolly pops and liquorish strings. Halloween specials of your favourite television shows are airing all week and horror films are receiving the spotlight as well. Bloggers are getting in the spirit of things too, listing and reviewing a series of their favourite scary movies. Your very own Between the Seats got in on the action by elaborating on just how horrifying Kotoko was at the FNC 2011. But this space isn't about us, it's about you, the other bloggers who do what we do too, and, as surprising and implausible as it might sound, sometimes do it even better than us. Check out these blogs to help you slip into your Frankenstein blue swayed shoes and get your monster mash groove on:

-Some Torontonians are discovering some freaky stuff at the Toronto After Dark festival. It's like Fantasia but, because I'm a Montrealer and they're Torontonians, I'm going to say it's not as good* (*I actually have no basis for that claim but to hell with it). Contrast and compare with some our own reviews since a lot of what played at Fantasia (and was reviewed here) is playing right now at After Dark.  Check out Ryan McNeil's (The Matinee) reviews of Love and A Lonely Place to Die

-For that matter, go visit Big Thoughts From a Small Mind, who also reviewed Love.

-Alex from Film Forager also went to the After Dark and watched Monster Brawl.

-Bryce Wilson of Things that Don't Suck is doing on entire month of horror film reviews. His article about Trollhunter is but one example of that blog's fine work.

-It's October, meaning that Bill from Bill's Movie Emporium is back with another annual edition of Splatter Time Fun Fest. Oh, you didn't change the name again this year? I was kind of getting used to that merry go round...Here's is review for the original Funny Games, but of course stick around to read some more of his work this month.

Until next time!

Would you say no if this kid asked for candy?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug. :)No name change this year, I loved the Splatter Time Fun Fest name so much that it's staying. :)

Ryan McNeil said...

Sorry for the slightly delayed comment - it's been a busy week. First and foremost, thanks a mil for the double-barrel linkage.

Secondly, while I haven't gone to Fantasia, I'd venture a guess that you're right - it's not as good. For starters it's far shorter, for seconds it brings over a lot of titles that get their debut at Fantasia.

Finally, it's much younger than Fantasia so there are still a few growing pains.

Perhaps someday I'll hop an eastbound VIA one July and find out for myself!

edgarchaput said...

@Bill: Oh, the plug worked? Damn, I was hoping my sarcasm would get through and PREVENT people from visiting your site. I'll have to do better next time.

@Ryan: We both have some movie-related travels to do a some point: you for Fantasia and me for TIFF. One day