Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blogging Around for June 16th 2011

Hello readers,

Oh, we are in the thick of things now, are we not? Already the Pirates, Hangovers, Kung Fu Pandas, Thors and X-Men have arrived at our theatres and there is still more to come, what with Green Lantern, Cowboys vs Aliens, Transformers 3, etc yet to be released. Not everyone in the movie blogging world is writing strictly about summer movies, mind you. There are plenty of interesting little things happening here and there, so if you are hungry for some discussions that shy away from what everybody else appears to be talking about, try out some of these sites:

1-CS from Big Thoughts lists a number of home invasion films that bring a chill to his spine. Unfortunately, the list was inspired by a frustrating real life experience (I was sorry to read about that, by the way), but the list itself is solid.

2-Alex at Film Forager has some kind words for the 1979 Steve Martin comedy, The Jerk.

3-Lady Eve at Eve's Reel Life shares some of the movie-related history about Santa Catalina, California

4-Nora Charles at Cinephelia! has a interesting profile on Judy Garland, star of the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz.


CS said...

Thanks for the link love, Edgar. It was my new blog contributor, JBT, who experienced the home invasion but I will pass along your sentiments to her.

edgarchaput said...

@Cs: Ooh, I must have misread the article. Apologies.