Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer is upon us

Hello fellow readers!

I hope you are all enjoying the weather outside. It's that time of year when the temperature rises, with spring turning into summer and those ice cappocinos tasting even more soothing than before. The battles will also be warming up at the box office, what with all the Hollywood mega productions rolling out for the next 3 months.

I thought I'd set Between the Seats' summer plan out right away. If Hollywood can dish out some balls to the wall action and sci-fi movies, so can we. This summer will be looking at some classic as well as some more recent action and sci-fi films. Some of these I have seen, others will be new discoveries, but most should be familiar to the vast majority of readers.

Of course, this being a movie blog of ecclectic tastes, we have to balance things out with some indi cred, right? The 'Jean Renoir marathon' will continue in full stride until I finish up that 3-disc box set I own, and once that is done I'm thinking of going back to a director we discussed for a brief period more than a year ago here...Satyajit Ray (February and March of 2009). That's right, the long-lost Ray marathon will make a comeback. We've already watched his famous Apu Trilogy, but let's explore what else this chap has done!

Below is a list of action and sci-fi films Between the Seats will be looking at all summer long (list is subject to change:


CS said...

This list is more exciting than most of the films coming out this summer. Look forward to reading your thoughts on Red Cliff, I have heard fairly good things about it.

thevoid99 said...

At least you have a list of films that are far more exciting than what is coming out this summer or this year.

I've pretty much checked out on well... everything so far because I've become a mess. There's only 3 films I want to see this summer. Inception, Toy Story 3, & Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Tree of Life and Somewhere along with a few other films coming this year are all I'm looking forward to.

I wish I could muster the kind of enthusiasm and drive that you have. It's just that I lost a lot of confidence in the past few months and I just stopped writing altogether. At least you're giving me something to read.

edgarchaput said...

@thevoid99: We all need some time to think things over and regain our energy. Don't feel too bad about not writing for some time. Between the Seats went on a two month hiatus earlier this year, but we came back in full force. I'm certain you will too.