Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello again faitful readers!

My Itunes library as well as my Ipod are just about as stuffed with film related podcasts as can be. It's all movies all the time with me! I thought it would be fair to award the podcasts I love some product placement space. Besides I think the members of the list bellow really deserve it. Some of these are well known to web browsers and film buffs, while others may be more like those hidden gems you couldn't believe you haven't discovered until now. Note: the numerical list does not denote any sort of order of 'enjoyment' or 'ranking by quality'. Without further ado:

1-Filmspotting. The godfathers of movie podcasts. A well produced, slick show with two hosts (Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson) who are articulate and intelligent at all times. Great variety on the show as well, both in terms of the type of films they discuss and the format.

2-Slashfilm cast: a trio of movie lovers (David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley) who bring a lof of laughs but also insightful commentary to the table. Always an entertaining listen, even when they're reviewing a Hollywood bomb.

3-Battleship Pretension. Tyler Smith and David Bax tackle a specific movie topic each week (sometimes with a guest) and dissect it as best they can. Their film knowledge is quite impressive and while they can indeed sound pretentious sometimes, it's often just for show...but not always. Fun stuff.

4-Creative Screenwriting. Host Jeff Goldsmith interviews some of the best and brightest screenwriters in the business, from Hollywood and overseas, in this laid back show. I'm a fan of the screenwriting process (after my love for acting) and appreciate the different focus point this show is concerned with.

5-IFC podcast. Hosted by IFC critics and journalists Matt Singer and Allison Willmore share back and forth comments and remarks about a particular topic in film every week. Tremendously laid back podcast. The hosts have a great rapport, often sharing sharing some good laughs while they're at it.

6-The Film Programme. Francine Stock has conversations with the talented actors and actresses in British film, as well as with several film critics, historians and journalists who always keep a sharp eye on cinema from Britain and around the world.

7-Film Junk. Sean, Jay and Greg offer interesting and sometimes less interesting but just damn hilarious comments on the latest Hollywood releases, film news and whatever it is they have been watching over the past 7 days. One of the few Canadian based pocasts I've come across.

8-Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews. Famous British film critics Kermode and Mayo review and sometimes shred to pieces the latest films released in the UK. Interviews also abound with some fascinating actors and directors from Britain and abroad. Lively and consistently witty.

9-Mad Hatter's Matineecast. A mysterious but friendly figure known only as The Mad Hatter offers film reviews with a guest each week. Very stylish in that each segment has a clever name. Good variety.

10-Left Field Cinema. Host Mike Dawson proposes some unique and non-mainstream films for your film palette. As he states himself, it 'is not film criticism, it's film recommendation and analysis.' I will warn potential listeners that Mike Dawson can be a bit pompous and snobbish in that stereotypical British way, but his commentary is ultimately worth the listen.

11-More than One Lesson. A film podcast hosted by Battleship Pretension creator Tyler Smith. It discusses movies from a Christian perspective. I'm not terribly religious (read: hardly at all) but I think that's partly why I enjoy the show: it simply offers a different take on some movies I love.

12-The Movie Dictator Podcast. The official podcast of The Reelists (who sport a fantastic new look these days) hosted by Corey Atad, Chuck Canzoneri and James Blake Ewing in which one host dictates a film for the other two to watch and discuss. The film is always thematically related to a recent Hollywood release. They're relatively new to the podcasting world, but they've been doing great so far.


The Mad Hatter said...

Hey wow - thanks for the plug! I'm honoured to be mentioned in such company!

Keep an eye out for episode fourteen dropping on Monday 6/7, and likewise I'd be remiss if I didn't point you towards the Simon & Jo Film show...they've become quite an inspiration for me, and put on quite an entertaining podcast.

edgarchaput said...

If more people are led towards your blog and podcast, I'll be quite happy.

I'll also look into this Simon and Jo show you speak of.

Tyler Smith said...

Thanks for the double plug for me. That was very nice of you.

edgarchaput said...

@Tyler Smith: Not a problem. I really enjoy both of your shows. I download every episode of both shows and always find something interesting to take away each week.

Frankly, I'm just honoured you found your way to my blog! Thank you, kind sir!