Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another development.

Hello again.

This is a bit of information I could have posted a few weeks back but never got around to doing so, so I do apologize. The news in question is that yours truly is now a writer for The Reelists, a website I believe I've mentioned a couple of times before on this blog. It was started by some Filmspotting message board members and has grown a decent bit to include contributers from across the web.

In fact, The Reelists are starting to gain exposure to the point that two contributers have started the site's official podcast. Yes, they have a podcast called The Movie Dictator Club. While it is still young, I can assure you it is a quality product. So make sure to check out their site because a) It's darn good, and b) because it features my column, 'Flip Side of the Frame', in which I take a brief look at one strong and one poor performance from the same actor. The column might not appear on a weekly basis, but I hope to make it a fairly regular column on their site.

Thanks again.

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CS said...

Glad to see you are still writing. Looking forward to reading your stuff on the Reelists.