Saturday, December 24, 2011

Exciting announcement! Between the Seats joins Sound on Sight

Hello readers,

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season with friends and family. Today, Between the Seats comes to you with an exciting announcement. Last weekend on the Sight on Sound website, the editor in chief, Ricky D, posted an invitation to any writers who expressed desire in joining their writing staff. We may have mentioned Sound on Sight a couple of times in the past, perhaps more for their podcasting talents than anything else, but they do in fact have a large, talented pool of writers who share thoughts and analysis on film, be it for new releases, festivals or cult classics. If there was only one tiny thing that made me hesitate before replying to the invite, some might recall that twice in the past Between the Seats had associated itself of other web sites and on both occasions the sites in question did not stay up for very long.

Reason soon came back to the forefront in my mind. Sound on Sight has been around for a few years, well establishing itself one of Canada's leading film related web sites and podcasts. As a matter of fact, they have contributors in the United Sates and Europe as well, which enables them to offer coverage for festivals like Telluride, BFI London and Cannes, so clearly these people know what they are doing. To top it off, there was a practical reason why writing for them could prove to be enjoyable. The people who started the site are based in my own city, Montréal, and, as I learned through email communication with the editor, they were looking for more people to cover local festivals that get lost in the shuffle (Festival des films du monde and CineAsie came to mind). After a couple of days of back and forth communication, I was accepted as one of their own!

Every Friday, Between the Seats will contribute a film noir review and every Saturday, we will contribute a Shaw Brothers review. This is stupendous given how much of an affinity we have developed for both types of films in 2011, with a Shaw Brothers marathon and not one but two film noir marathons. The first two articles are already published. To make our beginnings a little bit easy, it was deem acceptable if the first two articles are re-edited version of two reviews which have already appeared here earlier this year, On Dangerous Ground and Come Drink with Me. The columns are titled Friday Noir and Shaw Brothers Saturday.

And be sure to check out all the other interesting articles to be found at Sound on Sight, as well as their swell podcast.

Thank you for reading.

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