Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Time films

Hello readers!

The blockbuster season is not far off. In fact, in only a couple of weeks the season kicks off with Thor, a movie I have zero interest in seeing other than for the fact that it features Nathalie Portman. Some of you many recall that last year Between the Seats had an epic Homemade Summer Movie Marathon, which had us discuss a lot of action and science-fiction films. Basically the kind of stuff that is released in the summer, but only the movies we wanted to see and write about. It went over rather well with the readers and was arguably what gave this blog a shot in the arm in terms of recognition.

The creative minds at the site were thinking about two things for the upcoming dog days of summer. The first idea was, simply, to have another Homemade Summer Movie Marathon (with an added '2011' to differentiate it from last year's). No movies have been picked, but some titles have been tossed around the office. The second idea is actually a further development from this post. Yes indeed, a possible substitute for a Summer Marathon in the vein of last year's would be a summer long Shaw Brothers marathon, during which we would watch movies like Five Deadly Venoms, Come Drink With Me and King Boxer to name a few.Given how we still have some way to go with the Shootout at High Noon marathon before we finally gun down old Bill, it could make for an interesting summer of gunslingers and martial artists...

So, what do you think?
Homemade Summer Movie Marathon 2011?
Shaw Brothers marathon?

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thevoid99 said...

I'd say go for the Shaw Brothers if you have access to their work.

I'm not excited about this year's summer blockbuster season either. The only film I'm dying to see is The Tree of Life. I'd just prefer to stay home and work on various projects.