Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging Around (April 14th 2011)


I have been naughty rather than nice in recent weeks. I keep meaning to visit and read the works of my fellow bloggers, but time has been of the essence as of late. Work has piled up and making the effort to write reviews on a consistent basis is something of a challenge. It will take a lot more than that for to fail you though. Here is a list of what Between the Seats has found interesting:

-I love it when Filmspotters branch out. It is a testament to the quality of that show and its message board rooms where solid film discussions are encouraged. Heck, had I never become a member, Between the Seats arguably would not exist. This time it is Seema and John who collaborate on a new podcast called Cinema on the Road, in which the two hosts choose a country and review two films, one recent and one old. If you guys think Between the Seats enjoys international fair, eh, you ain't seen nothing.

-The Chick Flick is at a loss for words in her review for Cronenberg's Naked Lunch. In part one of her two-part review, she takes a look at the creepy crawlers that inhabit the film.

-Suspend Your Disbelief, which has branched out to more than just film reviews and become a real, real, quality blog, has some articles on legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. While you're there, check out the post just below which features an alternate poster for The Dark Knight.

-Finally, Films From the Supermassive Black Hole has a fantastic review of the 1998 science-fiction movie Dark City.

Go forth!

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