Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogging around (September 15th 2010)

If you are serious movie buff, then it should be no secret that the Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF for short) is currently taking place. It's arguably one of the most interesting film festivals around in that it successfully balances all sorts of films, from documentaries, to smaller indie films, all the way up to the bigger budget Hollywood dramas that come out in the weeks and months after the festival closes. Plus, it's one of the few notable film festivals which takes place in Canada.

Not being from Toronto, you'll have to forgive me if I don't get the opportunity to follow the festival with a fine toothed comb. However, I have several Torontonian blogger allies who are doing their very best to provide intelligent, fun and thorough coverage of the event, so this week's Blogging Around column will be dedicated to them:

-The Dark of the Matinee, who has some early reviews of such highly anticipated films the likes of Let Me In and 127 Hours.

-Our buddy Corey Atad is also writing away about some of those same movies over at The Reelists.

-The guys from Sound on Sight have plenty to share about. These guys are in fact based in Montréal but, unlike me, invested time, money and effort in getting to Toronto to see the movies.


The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for the linkage dude - see if you can make the trip sometime. It's a film lover's delight!

Mike Lippert said...

The other nice thing about Toronto is that it has resisted the temptations to become a film buys market like Cannes or Berlin. It's essentially the public's festival and that makes it really nice. There is a lot of energy around the festival as people who love movies simply gather to celebrate movies and catch a glimpse of the stars.

edgarchaput said...

@Mike Lippert: that is the sense that I get from TIFF, that it is a fairly public event, something I found quite attractive.

@The Mad Hatter: I keep saying that one of these years I'll go to the T-dot for TIFF, but I have yet to seriously plan a trip. I like Toronto a great deal (been there twice) and TIFF should be the best excuse possible to make a return.