Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bottom 10

Oh no, do we really need to do a bottom 10? No, but they're fun. Actually, in case none of you have noticed, I tend to write favourable reviews here at Between the Seats. Even with films I don't like by and large, I rarely, rarely think a movie is a big fat turd with no qualities.

This means the following list is not one for movies I thought 'sucked hard.' Some of them I honestly didn't like, that's true, but some are films that had redeeming qualities, but due to either the hype surrounding them or simply particular aspects of the filmmaking, I just didn't like them that much. Some I would even be willing to give half scores, or something in the nature of a C or C+, which is far from terrible. They just weren't as good as some of the other stuff I saw in 2009. Tell you what, I'll leave little indicators to specify my feelings towards each entry.

1-Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (sucked)
2-The International (sucked)
3-State of Play (irritating)
4-The Hangover (wow, terribly unfunny)
5-Adoration (good actors, disappointing outing from Egoyan)
6-I Love You, Man (terribly unfunny)
7-X-Men Origins: Wolverine (A guilty pleasure for me, but it wasn't a 'good movie')
8-Year One (flat)
9-Terminator Salvation (excellent visuals, boring story)
10-500 Days of Summer (too cutesy despite strong moments)


cinemasights said...

Wait, you had a problem with "500 Days of Summer" being too cute? If anything I found that film to be the antidote to all the nonsensical cuteness that accompanies the typical romance flick.

edgarchaput said...

Yes, I thought it was too cute. The Ikea scene, the final scene, the song and dance scene, etc. Too cute.