Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasia Film Festival 2011: The Odyssey begins!

The 2011 Fantasia Film Festival has begun! Yes, I know, this announcement comes a solid 48 hours late, seeing as the event opened on Thursday night with a screening of Kevin Smith’s newest and arguably most intriguing film to date, Red State. However, as has been written more than once at Between the Seats, we are not professional critics, and hence do not earn a living by writing for the pleasure of our faithful readers. In other words, we have real jobs that prevent us from hopping down to the nearest theatre whenever we feel like it.

Now, with that boring, real life rubbish dispensed with, we are pleased to announce that Between the Seats’ Fantasia odyssey begins in earnest tomorrow, Sunday July 16th 2011. Tickets have been purchased, and now the anticipation can begin. It will be a 3 film marathon on Sunday, with Between the Seats attending screenings for Ip Man: The Legend is Born (2010, Herman Yau), Another Earth (2011, Mike Cahill) and Troll Hunter (2010, Andre Overdal). Sure, we’re starting a little light, with nothing too over-the-top (over-the-topness being a Fantasia speciality), but that stuff will surely come at some point. There are 3 weeks left in the festival after all.
Naturally, all of this means that readers should keep their eyes peeled for some reviews about said films and others that we’ll surely be watching during the event which ends on August 7th. We really, really wanted to offer some truly comprehensive festival coverage, à la ‘Mad Hatter does TIFF’, but the work schedule simply will not permit. Nonetheless, we’ll be doing what we can. Regardless, if readers are seriously curious about what goes on at Fantasia and want to know more than simply what Between the Seats witnesses, we recommend visiting a fellow Montréal movie web site, one far more thorough in film reviews and festival coverage than what we do: Sound on Sight.
On a side note, fear not, Shaw Brothers and Definitive Bond are not going anywhere. We’ll still be doing those at the same time.
Who said summer needed to be spent outside? We have some movies to watch. 


CS said...

Looking forward to Another Earth and Troll Hunter. I have been hearing some great things about them both.

edgarchaput said...

@As am I. Another Earth is receiving overwhelmingly positive word of mouth. I'm keeping my expectations in check.

As for 'Troll Hunter', I don't know much about the movie. I heard it's alright, sort a fake documentary/horror/comedy. The premise is awesome, so we'll have to wait and see for tonight.