Thursday, January 20, 2011

Upcoming marathon

Hello readers!

For the past little while Between the Seats has provided rather random reviews with some Far East Specials thrown in for good measure. Well, it's time to get back to marathons. I thought it would be smart if for once I chose a series of films I know I have easy access to that way when I saw that a marathon shall take actually will! I was thinking that we haven't looked at many movies from the noir genre, so that would be a nice venue to use in order to get back on the marathon train track.

In the next week or so, reviews will start appearing some some forgotten classics such as:

Marathon: Forgotten Film Noir


Anonymous said...

Actually liked this a little bit more than the fan-favorite, The Social Network. I believe this is one of the more original films of the year, and it's perfectly directed to entertain all. Good Review!

edgarchaput said...

@dtmmr:I think you meant to post that in the comments section for the 'Inception' review...But yeah, I also thought it benefited from a sense or originality that many 2010 films lacked.