Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging Around (October 5th 2010)

Hello readers!

Time for another edition of Blogging Around, where we browse around the blogging world for interesting and well written material. With the first half of the final Harry Potter movie only weeks away, one can assume that several writers have their blogs buzzing with plenty of spells and HP talk.

Corndog at Corndog Chats Cinema is in the midst of a Harry Potter book and film marathon, as is Corey Atad at The Reelists.(Harry Potter Days).

Reviews for The Social Network are overflowing. Some of the best I've read were at The Flick Chick, Surrender to the Void (welcome to The Lamb, Void!) , while the Reel Fanatic is wondering just who exactly is ranting over David Fincher's glorious parade.

Until next time!


thevoid99 said...

Thanks for the mention Edgar.

edgarchaput said...

It was my pleasure. Us Filmspotters (both current and alumni) must keep each others backs, you know?