Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poll results!

Thanks to all those who voted in the poll that has been up for about two weeks. The results are in, so let's see what you fine people would like to direct if you had bags of money and creative control.

In first place, with 31% of the votes, the readers of Between the Seats would like to direct a drama. We should all do an Oscar bait picture and see what our chances are of taking the gold.

In second place with 25% of the votes was Super indie/contemplative/abstract. This wouldn't be the first time the art house related option in a poll question here at the blog performs well. I have a sophisticated audience!

In third place with 18% of the votes was sci-fi epic. It's time for a proper remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still!

Trailing in fourth place, ouch, with 12% of the votes was an action film. Geez, are some of you readers finding my summer marathon tedious?...

There is no single last place loser! Tied for last, both with 6% of the votes are horror and historical epic. So, we're afraid of the dark and history is best left to the teachers apparently.

Thanks again for voting!

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