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Naked Lunch (1991)

Naked Lunch (1991)

Welcome agent *****. Well rested after the assignment in London? Good, because there’s something we have to look into and quickly.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to intercept and retire a rogue agent named Bill Lee, who recently ventured into two significant underground agencies and murdered two woman, one of them his very own wife. We think he’s a loose cannon, who is probably in over his head and can only cause further damage if he continues to work for any side. The spy war between the various agencies is enough of a concern without Lee destabilizing things further.

This is Bill Lee. Rather easy to identify really. Looks a bit like that actor, Peter Weller.

Missions facts:
Our intel indicates that Lee, before stumbling into renegade espionage, was an aspiring writer, although such dreams never amounted to very much. He therefore earned a paltry living as an exterminator. Yes, bugs, rather large ones it seems. Despite his dead dream of becoming an author, he has been known to impress others with his particular language skills.

Unhappily married it seems. His wife, not the most clever woman, actually stole from the bug poison tank to satisfy her own selfish desires. A short time ago Lee was the victim of a hoax arrest, the intent of which was to have Lee reach his contact and immediate superior, Carl Nova, for the first time. That slimy bugger set him on the path he is on now. It was Lee's initial taste of things to come, of this strange and dangerous world we work in, including the sexual deviancy and excessive drug use. Would you believe Carl Nova asked Lee to cover his anus shaped lips with the yellow powdered poison? The nerve... His first mission? Kill his own wife who, as it turned out, was a caterpillar. They're an even worse lot than the cockroaches, if you can imagine that. Following this event Lee was sent to the Interzone to work some assigments. What followed was anything but ordinary for the rogue agent, although he tried to make the best of it.

Carl Nova

We think agents on both sides may have awakened his homosexual tendencies, presuming they weren't there to begin with. Heaven knows how many ideas float around about how espionage attracts lonely, confused little boys and girls. If you want to hide yourself, what better way than to be a spy, a role which requires a person to wear many masks, some of which may even reveal your true self. I suppose it's a world that attracts a certain type... Not that we ever doubted your orientation agent *****. There is a degree of promiscuity and debauchery in our world, we're well aware of that. Sex and death make excellent bedfellows in the Interzone.

Lee can be quite the articulate man. Even though he may be taking an eternity to get his career as an author off the ground, he has been known to dazzle those around him with fancy wordplay. Some even thought he was trying to make a pass at them. We think he might be providing them snippets of his literary work, which would seem fine, but in this upside down world, who knows how enemy and friendly agents will react. The Interzone is the place where reality crashes into fantasy and imagination as you know.

Dr. Benway

Before you start wondering, yes he has been using the special type writers. Agents more accustomed to these critter machines know how to handle them. When Lee began using using the Mugwump machine, he easily came under the influence of the Mugwump's brain fluid. It's surprisingly potent stuff, not to be taken lightly. The goop's effect on Lee even led to the to the death of another agent when they were led to Yves Cloquet's place. It wouldn't be the first time that caterpillar's homo-erotic and psychotic killer tendencies get the better of someone. Even when it isn't one of our own agents, it's a dreadful thought nonetheless.

Lee is convinced he's switching sides for a good reason (a woman who looks like his late wife). He's now working for Dr. Benway. Yes, that Dr. Benway, the nefarious busybody who is obviously farming the Mugwamps for their juices, which is the equivalent of hahish. Whatever you do agent *****, do not fal prey to this product.


Don't be fooled by Lee's attitude. He's become a very covincing fellow, who has completely emersed himeslf in this world and is inhabiting his persona perfectly. For someone who is supposedly terrified of bugs, exposed to bug poision almost every day while filling his exterminator duties and began drinking the infamous Mugwump bain juice, it's quite remarkable that he's gotten this far. He's become a cool customer and doesn't get easily intimidated by any opposition in his way. We think he believes he may belong in this line of business and in this part of the world. This arguably stems from his own creative mind as an aspiring author. Witnesses attest that his mind creates a litterature that has some rather bizarre sexual undertones and psychological musings. It may very well be that he believes this is a world he could have created in one of his stories. He therefore feels very much at ease amongst these dangerous characters and sexual promiscuity. With his own sexuality clearly in a state of flux, it's small wonder that he feels he fits right in. If such is the case, then this Lee fellow is indeed a peculiar character.

There's little doubt that the cast of characters he's encountered is a colourful one, albeit not the kindest. From Joan Frost, to Yves Cloquet, Tom and Dr. Benway, everybody played their parts in pitch perfect way, even though most were in destructive or manipulative. We've got eyes on all of these people. When the time comes to make a move, we'll alert all the concerned agents, including yourself.

Additionally, if you can capture of of Tom's critter typewriters, it would be very helpful. We've been after one of those for some time now, but to no avail. Lee used two during his time in the Interzone. One was a Mugwump and the other was Carl Nova, the latter who bought the farm after undergoing brutal torture while at Tom's residence. They obviously store plenty of critical information about the agencies they operate for, including future assignments. Be careful when spotting them however. Our rivals may have just given the typwriters the allure of bugs given Lee's familiarity with such creatures, which again supports our theory that this world may have been tailord made from the man's own imagination. The last bloody thing we need is for that fool of a man to write a book on his adventures. Naked Lunch...heaven forbid. We're worried that Lee's imagination may be too friendly with his current surroundings. He may see fit to use this synchronization of the mind and the matter to finally complete his novel.

I want to make it perfectly clear that Lee must not make it back to his home in the United States alive. He's become far too sure of himself, in addition to knowing too much. If, after Bill Lee's liquidation, either side begins coming to us for answers, we will respond in kind. Be swift and silent please, this isn't some sort of silly James Bond adventure. Your equipment awaits you in the armoury. The quartermaster will supply you with the necessary items.

Good luck agent *****


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