Sunday, May 31, 2009

The winds are changing direction....

Since the birth of Between the Seats last September, the site hasn't really followed any kind of pattern for the reviews I've written. Even when the Christmas and New Year's holidays rolled around last winter, I overlooked the opportunity to compile a 'Top 10 of 2008' list, or even review all that many films which fought to earn Oscar nominations or awards. It's pretty much been a bunch random reviews for movies from different genres, different directors and different decades.

All that changes in June.

Starting June, 'we' at Between the Seats will start to offer its readers the same 'quality' film analysis, but now the reviews will follow a specific pattern each month. Granted, it's not a major change. In fact, I'm trying to remember right now why I thought the idea would be an improvement on the current format. Regardless, we're going ahead with it anyways. A given month could be reserved for a specific director, a genre, an actor or actress, a country, or what have you.

2009 has been an interesting year in film thus far, so I thought we'd start off the easy way. June will therefore be reserved for all the films watched so far in 2009, regardless of genre or director. Just a neat recap of what has been good or bad so far this year. Each month a poll will be created inviting readers to choose which film theme Between the Seats will tackle the following month.

We're working hard here at the site to keep things as interesting as possible. I hope the new format will please our readers. Many thanks, and always remember that, when the lights go up and the film is over, stick around to discuss it 'between the seats.'


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Anonymous said...

Any format will do honestly, I've often had the same thoughts at my blog. In the end I decided to do a themed month, of my readers choice, every once in a while as well as October being horror month every year, it is my favorite holiday after all. My point is, you write great reviews, so no matter what format you choose, as long as you're still writing them I'll still be here.

P.S.: For this month's poll I chose Cronenberg, I liked all the choices, but I always love to hear how other people view Cronenberg.